About the stuff.

This is a space where I display graphics I create. Most of it I create for a Linux distribution called ‘PCLinuxOS’ with an incredible Open Source Software program called ‘Inkscape’, however, there are also some other random things here I’ve been working on.

All of my work I post here is listed in the sidebar tag cloud under the heading ‘…the said stuff’ >

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Please download and use anything you like. All of the work in this blog, including any of my work you download which is linked to from here, is copyrighted under the following Creative Commons license. (click image to view license)

Creative Commons License

If you need a wallpaper or an image in a different size, you can download and edit it yourself or leave a comment under the image asking for what you want and I’ll reply with a link. If you use something from here for a website or for some project, shoot me a message and let me know.



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